COMIC: What Happens if You’re Caught Underage Drinking?


Panel 1: A turquoise character looks on with dismay at a inexperienced character who is keeping a drink, surrounded by cups and empty bottles. The inexperienced character attempts to search innocent whilst inquiring the dilemma, “What comes about if I’m caught drinking underage?” 

Panel 2: Anthropomorphic states (Nevada, Wyoming, Massachusetts, Michigan, Florida, and Louisiana) stand to some degree defiantly in a line although declaring items like “It’s up to us!” or “We make your mind up who, when, exactly where can invest in alcoholic beverages!” Previously mentioned them, the text says: “Rules all around ingesting, selling, and purchasing liquor are up to states to make your mind up.” 

Panel 3: A rectangle with arms and legs and the terms “Federal Law” prepared on it retains a bag of funds toward a condition character, as that character holds a doc that says “state regulation, drinking age is now 21.” Over, the textual content states: “But in the 1980s, the U.S. govt handed a regulation that mentioned that if states desired federal dollars for their highways, they experienced to go guidelines prohibiting individuals below 21 from shopping for liquor. So now, all states have a ingesting age of 21.” 

Panel 4: Beneath this is a turquoise character obtaining a consume from a purple character in a prolonged gown. To the correct is a spouse and children sitting at a desk drinking wine, with text higher than “In the existence of a mum or dad or guardian.” Down below is the textual content “For training (like a culinary college student tasting liquor for a class),” which is future to a blob with a chef’s hate indicating “Recipe calls for good wine!” The text above claims: “Even although 21 is the consuming age, most states allow underage ingesting in particular cases, this kind of as: as component of a spiritual ceremony.”

Panel 5: A eco-friendly blob is keeping a drink in a single hand and a cell telephone in the other, which states “911” on it. The phone says, “911 crisis reaction,” and the character suggests, “We were being consuming and my pal had also substantially! Enable!” Earlier mentioned, the text claims: “Also, in some states, you cannot be penalized for underage ingesting that is learned when you’re truthfully reporting a clinical crisis or assault. Those states want you to not be worried to phone for support in an unexpected emergency.” 

Panel 6: The text states: “But some states don’t make any exceptions. Underage ingesting is constantly illegal in these states.” Under are some states with legs, saying factors like “21 is our consuming age” and “No exceptions!” The states are Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, New Hampshire, and West Virginia. 

Panel 7: 4 round people, just about every a distinct colour and holding a consume seeking sheepish underneath the text that suggests: “So what happens if I’m caught? 

Panel 8: A purple blob is sitting at a desk, choosing up litter, and sitting in on counseling with a environmentally friendly blob in an armchair. The text claims: “Underage ingesting is typically thought of a misdemeanor prison offense. For a first-time offense, you may perhaps have to pay back a fine, participate in an alcohol education program, go to counseling, or execute local community services.”

Panel 9: A turquoise spherical character seems very unhappy, sitting down on a bench driving bars. Higher than is textual content that suggests: “but if it occurs multiple occasions, you could close up serving genuine jail time.” 

Panel 10: Some rectangles with arms and legs and the term “laws” and photos of wine glasses stand defiantly beneath the text, which suggests: “Find out far more about drinking and the legislation at” 

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