McConnell Takes Shot At Trump Using Media-Driven’s Out Of Context Constitution Quote

Mitch McConnell, the minority leader in the Senate and a Republican from Kentucky, criticized former president Donald Trump for suggesting over the weekend that the Constitution’s rules “terminate.” Similar to how he criticized Trump last week over their dinner at Mar-a-Lago with Nick Fuentes, McConnell said that anyone considering repealing the Constitution would likely have a “very difficult time getting sworn in as president.”

“It seems to me that anyone running for president who believes that the Constitution should be suspended or ignored would have a very difficult time taking the oath of office,” “McConnell told reporters at the Capitol on Tuesday. When asked whether he would vehemently reject supporting Trump in 2024 if he became the GOP nominee, McConnell held off on giving a firm no. It would be difficult to be sworn into the presidency if you’re unwilling to uphold the Constitution, he remarked instead.


Trump raged about his 2020 election defeat on his Truth Social platform after Elon Musk made the so-called Twitter Files public, which showed the social media giant’s efforts to bury the New York Post report on Hunter Biden. This sparked outrage from Democrats and an increasing number of Republicans.

The former president also floated the idea of a rerun of the election, writing, “A Massive Fraud of this sort and magnitude allows for the termination of all laws, regulations and articles, even those listed in the Constitution.”

Similar comments were made by others, including Senate Minority Whip John Thune (R-SD), in response to Trump’s apparent constitutional “termination” thought. Later, Trump reiterated what he had said, saying that action should be taken to fix the 2020 election, and he mocked the media and his detractors for spreading “DISINFORMATION & LIES.”

“In reality, the fake news is working to persuade the American people that I declared my desire to “terminate” the Constitution. The same with Russia, Russia, Russia, and all of their other hoaxes and scams, this is merely more DISINFORMATION & LIES “Trump stated in a subsequent post.

Since leaving the White House, McConnell has been a frequent target of political attacks from Trump. He criticized McConnell’s “otherwise wonderful wife, Coco Chow” and rejected his campaign for Senate minority leader last month, claiming that McConnell “blew the Midterms.”

Racist charges have been leveled at the strategy used to attack Elaine Chao, the wife of McConnell and the former transportation secretary under Trump who was born in Taiwan.

Last week, McConnell criticized Trump for meeting with Fuentes and Ye, two individuals who have both promoted antisemitic speech.

“In my opinion, it is quite improbable that somebody meeting with proponents of that viewpoint will ever be elected president of the United States, said the senator from Kentucky.

Trump launched his 2024 presidential campaign last month, but since then, he has generally avoided headline-grabbing appearances. In the meanwhile, he has survived a number of problems, including the Fuentes dinner and legal issues related to the hiring of special counsel Jack Smith.




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