The ebook and movie 2000 Mules Written and Created by Dinesh D Souza is really disturbing, there is just to a lot true evidence to Disregard. The point that the Justice office, and the FBI are picking out to disregard and or drive back, only tells me it is factual and great. They simply cannot struggle the facts, so start off the smear marketing campaign.

This is advised looking at or at minimum watch the 90 minute  movie ( which you can get for absolutely free if you search, at some of the possibilities his Podcasts recommend, go there and subscribe,)  for every American Specifically us Democrats, don’t forget I am a conservative Democrat, striving to root out the corruption in our Govt, in all get-togethers in particular the Democrats.

This is sickening to assume that primarily democrats, not all. Are manipulating the Voting method, officers, Large Nonprofit groups, backed by Mark Zuckerberg $450M why is he concerned in voter groups outside of his massive impact on the lefts behalf at Facebook, sort of Greedy or Authoritarian? Also George Soros, Warren Buffet and several A lot more Billionaires and Millionaires.


If anybody thinks, “I’m just wrong”
You have no proper to say that, except you have watched all the Movie, or study the ebook. The information are there. 

I believe CNN or MSNBC are typically wrong, since I view them, and am however on the lookout for some point-centered commentary on individuals channels? 

I have never been an election denier, usually believed Trump overdid it? Not now. Even though I’m a Trumper.

This will get buried, in the swamp, we require to assume in different ways, and honestly to get our State Back.

I give this e-book 5 Stars for its content material and bravery for Dinesh who has constantly been my Hero specially here. If this high quality of function were carried out by the remaining exposing the   ideal.

The Pulitzer Prize would currently, have been introduced.

Terrific work Dinesh!

Patrick Lockhart

Founder Editor

[email protected]

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