Assessing the National Security Strategy

Chris, Zack, and Melanie sit down to chat about the recently-released Biden-Harris Nationwide Safety Method. Many months delayed, the doc recognizes that the United States is in an powerful competitiveness with China and asserts that Washington will glance for approaches to cooperate with both equally allies and adversaries on essential world-wide difficulties these as climate change. Does the NSS assess the menace natural environment the right way? How will the United States handle both opposition and cooperation with adversaries? Is the U.S. accomplishing what it need to to “outmaneuver” China in the course of this “decisive decade”?

Chris is bothered that it is hard to have an straightforward debate about what the United States is executing in Ukraine, Zack discusses the legacy of Ash Carter, and Melanie is appalled that American army pilots have been promoting their products and services to the Chinese military services.


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Graphic: The White Property

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