Carlson Lies, Says Worst Hate Crimes Waged Against Unvaxxed

Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed the worst hate campaign waged ever waged in US history was against the anti-vaccinated during the high point of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Talk about revisionist history and ridiculous quantification.

Leading up his insufferable rant, Jason Whitlock celebrated Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter and celebrated Trump. Is it any wonder why Fox News has mostly avoided covering Trump’s dinner with Nick Fuentes?

Breaking into another segment Tucker Carlson highlighted the White House response to hate that permeates online.

“You just heard the White House spokesperson decry hate on the internet. Hate campaign,” Carlson said. “The single biggest hate campaign of our lifetime was waged by the Biden administration against the, quote, unvaccinated.”

“People who were unvaccinated were unclean, you shouldn’t have Thanksgiving with them. They’re bad people, they’re not really Americans, they could kill you. Well now facts have overtaken that story,” he said.

Carlson is equating COVID of today with the serious outbreak, hospitalizations, sickness and mass casualties in 2020, that has left over one million people dead here in the states.

Nobody said any anti-vaxxers were not Americans. It wasn’t hate, it was health and safety protocols. No one has the right to inf3ect another person knowingly.

The lynching of Blacks throughout our history before and after the Civil war wasn’t due to health reasons, but hatred, Real, unadulterated hate.

As usual Carlson plays for the QAnon team.

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