Dominic Raab Re-Appointed UK Justice Secretary

Raab’s re-appointment comes only two months after Raab was sacked by former Prime Minister Liz Truss, having previously come under fire for failing to resolve barristers’ strikes and refusing to meet with the Criminal Bar Association (CBA). His successor, Brandon Lewis, succeeded in negotiating a solution with the group within weeks of taking office.

Reeds Solicitors managing partner Jan Matthews cited the incident in his comment on Raab’s re-appointment. “Given Dominic Raab’s previous refusal to engage with the legal profession concerning the implementation of the Bellamy report, his appointment is concerning when it is clear that firms need at least the full minimum recommended increase in legal aid fees in order to remain sustainable,” he said.

“We hope that Mr Sunak’s premiership will mean that there is a change of approach across all of Government, including the Ministry of Justice.” 

Julian Hayes, senior partner at Berris Law, echoed these concerns: “[Raab] failed to engage with professionals to resolve the crisis. Perhaps it reflects the ‘difficult decisions’ that the PM and Chancellor have referred to when it comes to considering cuts in public services?

Regrettably, I do not consider that we are in good or reliable hands with this latest version of a conservative government. I hope that I am wrong and that Mr. Raab has learnt lessons from his first tenure in that role. He must work with the profession to ensure the crisis is averted.”

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