Hey, Remember This? (Doug Mastriano Dressed As A Traitor)

Keep in mind

The web site submit contained this image:

Properly, there is some pushback on St Sen (and now GOP cand. for PA Gov) Doug
Mastriano’s option to costume like a 19th Century traitor.

From The Philadelphia Inquirer:

A group of nearly 60 veterans from Pennsylvania signed a letter deriding
Republican applicant for governor Doug Mastriano for
getting photographed donning a Confederate Army uniform,
calling it “shameful” and stating it is “an insult to those people of us who served
and those who carry on to provide.”

The letter, launched by the marketing campaign of Democratic nominee Josh Shapiro,
arrives 3 months immediately after a photograph surfaced of Mastriano, a point out senator and
beat veteran,
donning the Civil War-period garb in a faculty photograph
from when he was a professor at the U.S. Military War College. The picture was
from the 2013-14 educational calendar year.

The notable signatories of the letter are Democrats. They consist of Patrick
J. Murphy, the former below secretary of the Army who served two conditions in
Congress symbolizing Bucks County U.S. Rep. Conor Lamb, a western
Pennsylvania congressman who unsuccessfully ran in the Pennsylvania Senate
major this calendar year and point out Rep. Jared Solomon (D., Philadelphia).


Mastriano has reported that criticism of the photograph is proof that Democrats “have
nothing at all else to operate on.”

Oh, but they do, Doug. They definitely do have lots of stuff to operate on.

Like this:

That is you, correct? In that yellow box? This was January 6 and at that stage
you’ve previously walked past the law enforcement barricades.

You participated in Trump’s attempted coup.

Then there’s this:

Girls will die because of your “pro-lifetime” fetish.

Then there is your guidance of the Huge Lie, your participation in the faux elector con.

Do I need to go on?

You took an oath to “assist, obey and defend the Structure” and you betrayed your oath by participating in Trump’s coup. 

So dressing like a traitor isn’t that odd for you.

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