Puss In Boots’ Hot Ones Appearance Has Some Scientific Accuracy

While a talking animated cat may not be scientifically accurate, the fact that Puss in Boots sweats in the video is quite accurate. According to Cat Health, cats actually can sweat just like us humans, even though it may be hard to see because of their fur. The best way to tell if a cat is sweating is if the cat leaves behind damp footprints. While cats do indeed have sweat glands covered by their fur, they have more effective ways of cooling down than sweating. When cats bathe themselves, their saliva actually cools them down as it evaporates. They also cool down by laying on cool surfaces like tile or bathtubs.

So, if Puss in Boots were a real-life character, you may not see him sweat as actively as he does in the “Hot Ones” video, but he could indeed sweat. He may leave behind little footprints after having some wings with the Certain Death hot sauce, though. One could also assume if Puss in Boots attempted to bathe himself to cool down after some super hot wings, he would only spread the pepper from his tongue all over himself, making things much worse. The best bet would be for Puss in Boots to find some cool linoleum to lay on to temper things down, hopefully.

Puss in Boots faces his greatest challenge yet, perhaps after these hot sauces, in “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.” In the film, Puss in Boots traverses into the Black Forest in search of the Wishing Star in order to wish to restore some of his spent eight lives so as not to be on his last life. See if his wish comes true on December 21, 2022 when “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” comes exclusively to theaters.

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