StackPath Partners With Edgevana To Accelerate Web3 Growth

Partnership Speeds and Simplifies Deployment of High-Performance Solana Validators

DALLAS, Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — StackPath, the industry-leading edge computing platform, and Edgevana, the leader in accelerating the foundation for Web3, have partnered to make it even faster and easier for Solana community members to deploy Solana RPC or validator nodes via StackPath, leveraging the Edgevana one-click marketplace.

StackPath and Edgevana each are official solution providers for the Solana Foundation Server Program, a program designed to provide Solana community members access to best-in-class, approved-for-blockchain cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) around the world, with advantageous contract terms.

StackPath provides Server Program members access to directly deploy and manage servers in 39 StackPath-operated edge locations around the world, featuring private network connections between locations and exceptional throughput. That level of decentralization, integration, and proximity to end users has made the StackPath the most performant platform for program members.

With Edgevana, Server Program members have access to a turnkey solution that deploys, configures, and verifies validator nodes in third-party facilities in fewer than 60 seconds, fully decentralized, leveraging APIs and tooling that are part of the Solana Foundation Tour de Sun ’22 (TdS22) initiative.

Under the new partnership, StackPath servers are now a deployment option for TdS22 participants using Edgevana.

“Partnering with Edgevana was a no-brainer,” said Paul Drew, SVP Strategic Infrastructure Development of StackPath. “Our team has worked relentlessly over the past 12 months to give Server Program members unprecedented scale, decentralization, and performance. We added all new locations and already doubled the number of servers under management just for the Server Program. Meanwhile, Edgevana has practically perfected the deployment and onboarding experience—it just doesn’t get easier or faster. This partnership brings together the best of both worlds.”

“Simplification and increased performance are both essential for the success of Web3,” said Subhan Jahromi, Co-founder & COO of Edgevana. “Democratizing access for Web3 participation is the foundation for the next generation of the internet. We’re here to support StackPath’s efforts to enable a frictionless onboarding experience for Solana validators.”

To learn more and deploy a Solana validator on StackPath through Edgevana, visit

About StackPath 

StackPath is a cloud platform built at the internet’s edge, providing infrastructure and services physically closer to the source or destination of data than hyperscale cloud service providers. StackPath Edge Compute (including virtual machines and containers), Edge Delivery (including CDN and serverless scripting), and Edge Security (including WAF) solutions run in edge locations strategically deployed in high-density markets and united by a secure global network and a single management system. Customers ranging from Fortune 50 enterprises to one-person startups trust StackPath to give their latency-sensitive workloads and real-time applications the speed, security, and efficiency they require. 

About Edgevana

Edgevana, the leader in accelerating the foundation for the next generation of the internet, partners directly with protocols to simplify, accelerate, and fully decentralize their networks. Edgevana provides a breadth of services that removes barriers to entry for participation regardless of technical know-how while allowing protocols to gain access to an entirely new market of participants.

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StackPath Partners with Edgevana to Accelerate Web3 Growth

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