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I think Steve Hayward is off to Europe. He says it is for get the job done, not participate in, and he’ll be contributing as he can along his way. In the meantime, he has scheduled a variety of posts to be revealed in excess of the upcoming 7 days.

Steve’s departure manufactured me consider it might make sense to article a song of the day although he is in Europe. When he was off to Scotland on family vacation I took up the Minnesota music scene as my theme. This time all over I considered I may test modern-day American and British people artists.

I was a fervent supporter of KFAI’s Sunday morning City Folks show hosted on alternate weeks by the late Bob Feldman and the dwelling Marian Moore. Bob ran Crimson Home Documents. Marian is a lady of numerous pieces who developed Ladies Who Cook dinner live shows and, when Bob Feldman died, a musical tribute to him at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul. Bob Dylan was of course the tutelary spirit of the exhibit. I learned a good deal listening to City People about the many years.

I ran into Bob Feldman from time to time about city. He struck me as a sweet gentleman. You could really hear it when he co-hosted the display with his then youthful son Ari, but I heard it every time I spoke with him as perfectly. I appeared up to him as somebody who had managed to merge his vocation with his avocation. He beloved the tunes. I am contemplating about him as I generate this morning.

On one particular celebration when I was concerning positions in 1997 I ran into Bob as he was web hosting the people artist Lucy Kaplansky for lunch in St. Paul. As we entered the cafe I greeted Bob and let Lucy know I was a enthusiast. I assume she was in city doing, but the celebration for lunch have to have been the release of Lucy’s Flesh and Bone on Red Home. I ran over to Hungry Head Bookstore upcoming door to buy a copy and questioned her to autograph it for me. Pulling the CD down from the shelf this morning, I remember that I apologized to her for inserting myself into her lunch with Bob. She signed it: “To Scott — You’re welcome to interrupt my lunch any time.”

Lucy’s go over of “Return of the Grievous Angel” is my favored track on Flesh and Bone, but it is not available on YouTube. Lucy’s “Ten Calendar year Night” is the title keep track of off a subsequent CD on Crimson House. The song is a passionate tribute to her husband. I thought it may start a few engines working this morning.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=d9Mo1U-s7TY

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