When Music Spits In Your Face

Thu, Sep 22, 2022  | 
By John Schroeder

When New music Spits In Your Deal with

I dearly love the Blues and Buddy Dude is a Blues legend.  So, the launch of a new Buddy Guy album previous month was an event for much anticipation.  That is until eventually I listened to the one from the album identified as “Gunsmoke Blues.”  The track is about gun violence and finishes with the line “a million thoughts and prayers will not provide anybody again,” and I’m not considerably of a Buddy Guy fan any more.

The dismissal of “thoughts and prayers” available in the wake of “gun” violence is now virtually cliché.  The dismissiveness is rooted in a desire for action on guns, the thought is to counterpose motion and inaction.  I realize that – but what the dismissive fail to understand is that irrespective of motion or inaction feelings and prayers are presented in legitimate sympathy for the victims and their survivors.  (Not to point out that for those people of us of religion prayers are the most potent action probable.)    As a result, to dismiss them is to only spit in the encounter of men and women that are making an attempt to be sympathetic thus, ending any drive they might have to be cooperative in motion to reduce more violence.

Additional the dismissiveness is aimed not only at individuals in a posture to consider some action of some type, but it is also aimed at all people that are not in any such placement and all they have to give in sympathy is feelings and prayers. This cliché is essentially far more than dismissive, it is contemptuous of any that dare disagree with all those that present it.

These kinds of contemptuousness has turn into frequent, some would contact it “deplorable.”  All I know is this – very little will materialize as prolonged as we keep each and every other in contempt like this.  I do not want to talk to you if you are heading to tell me I am insincere in my sympathy, enable by yourself if you consider me deplorable.  I am sure you sense similarly.

What I know for absolutely sure is I don’t want to be insulted by the new music I listen to.  Sorry Mr. Man, seen you in live performance and purchased your documents.  That will not take place yet again.