A Peak into Mariah Carey’s Son’s Life

Moroccan Scott Cannon (born April 30, 2011) is an American celebrity. He was born in Santa Monica, California to well-known celebrities in the entertainment industry. Moroccan has a twin sister named Monroe Cannon.

Moroccan Scott Cannon is the son of world-renowned singer Mariah Carey. He has already had significant roles in popular films and television programs, but one of his greatest passions seems to be diehard fandom for “Steven Universe”.

Who is Moroccan Scott Cannon?

Moroccan Scott Cannon was born in Santa Monica on April 30, 2011, to two famous actors: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. He is also the twin brother of Monroe Cannon. Oftentimes Scott is compared to his mother due to their similar features – even being called the mini-Mimi by some.

Nick and Mariah decided to name their son Moroccan Scott after Nick proposed to her in an apartment with Moroccan decor. 

Moroccan Scott Cannon Bio: A Peak into Mariah Carey’s Son’s Life

Moroccan Scott Cannon Net Worth in 2022

While Scott Cannon’s exact net worth is unknown, it is estimated to be around $1-2 million. This estimation is based on his parents’ affluence and the revenue from his verified Twitter account, which has 355 followers and 1308 tweets.

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Moroccan Scott Cannon Wiki

Moroccan Scott Cannon Real Name  Moroccan Scott Cannon
Moroccan Scott Cannon Net Worth $1-2 Million USD
Moroccan Scott Cannon Age 11 Years
Moroccan Scott Cannon Birthday 30.04.2011
Moroccan Scott Cannon Birthplace Santa Monica, California, USA
Moroccan Scott Cannon Zodiac sign Taurus
Moroccan Scott Cannon Height 4’1’’ 
Moroccan Scott Cannon Weight 25 kg 
Moroccan Scott Cannon Family Mariah Carey (Mother)Nick Cannon (Father)
Moroccan Scott Cannon Siblings Monroe Cannon (Twin-Sister)
Moroccan Scott Cannon Friends Not Known
Moroccan Scott Cannon Ethnicity Mixed
Moroccan Scott Cannon Nationality American
Moroccan Scott Cannon Education Middle School
Moroccan Scott Cannon Social Media Not Known

Moroccan Scott Cannon Biography

Moroccan Scott was born on April 30, 2011, in Santa Monica, California to celebrated singer Mariah Carey, and TV host and comedian Nick Cannon. Mariah’s parents are Moroccan-Irish and Moroccan-American parents whereas, Nick’s parents are of African-American descent. Moroccan has American nationality and is a Taurus by birth sign.

Moroccan’s mother is the well-known American singer Mariah Carey, and his father is a television host and comedian. People have often noted that Moroccan seems like a smaller version of his mom in terms of personality. A show he really enjoys watching is “Steven Universe.”

Morocco has made cameos with his parents at various events as well as in some of Mariah Carey’s shows, such as the following:

  • Mariah Carey’s World which was released in 2016
  • All I Want for Christmas Is You which was released in 2017
  • Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special which was released in 2020

Moroccan Scott Cannon Career

Moroccan Scott Cannon, though only eleven years old, is devoted to his studies. However, his parents have uber-successful careers in Hollywood. His father, Nick Cannon, is a rapper and television host. Nick Cannon is also known for his work in comedy. His mother, Mariah Carey, has sold more records than any other female performer and she has had five songs top the Billboard Hot 100.

Moroccan Scott Cannon Bio: A Peak into Mariah Carey’s Son’s Life

Interesting Facts about Moroccan Scott Cannon

  • Moroccan Scott Cannon has a twin sister whose name is Monroe Cannon
  • Moroccan is an avid lover of video games
  • One of Moroccan’s all-time favourite shows is Steven Universe
  • He got his name from his mother’s Moroccan ancestry
  • Mariah Carey, Moroccan’s mother, married Tommy Mottola in 1993
  • His parents got to know each other for the first time when Mariah was shooting for her song Bye Bye
  • His twin sister, Monroe Cannon, got her name from Marilyn Monroe

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Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’s Divorce

Nick and Mariah met while filming Mariah’s “Bye Bye” video, and got married in The Bahamas on April 30th, 2008. However, they announced living separately by August 2014. Nick finally filed for divorce which was finalized in 2016.

Mariah and James Packer got engaged on 21 January 2016, but their relationship didn’t last long. Bryan Tanaka, an American choreographer whom she started dating in 2016, is her current partner.


1. What is Moroccan Scott Cannon’s net worth in 2022?

Moroccan Scott Cannon’s net worth is between $1 Million and $2 Million USD.

2. Moroccan Scott Cannon study in which class?

Not much is revealed to the public in terms of Moroccan Scott Cannon’s schooling. According to reports, he goes to middle school.

3. What is Moroccan Scott Cannon studying?

Moroccan Scott Cannon attends a middle school where he is reported to take part in school dramas.

4. How old is Moroccan Scott Cannon?

Moroccan Scott Cannon is 11 years old as of now.

5. Where does Moroccan Scott Cannon live?

Moroccan Scott Cannon lives in Santa Monica, California, USA.

6. What does Moroccan Scott Cannon do?

As of 2022, Moroccan Scott Cannon is focused only on his studies.

7. Who is Moroccan Scott Cannon’s mother?

Moroccan Scott Cannon’s mother is Mariah Carey. She is a world-renowned singer based in the USA.

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